First Journal Post- Bicycle

Our first journal article is from a new member, Sonia Peters.

I just purchased a bicycle. A small bicycle with pedals and everything. I bought in the downstairs garage. It’s been several days since I watched (the bike, not the hotel), but there was one problem: a hole in the tube of the front tire. Every time I talked to him at the hotel, he told me he had not had time to deal with it. Surprisingly because he did not seem to drown the job. Regardless, I was not pressed. This evening, however, he said “Oh … come, I’ll fix it.”

I followed him. I do not know if I’ve said, but the garage is a little treasure trove. I feel that was mounted there twenty years ago, and that since it all piles up, tools, trinkets, etc … all scattered to the four corners of the square. It’s crafts here. Rags, soot … By cons, although it often small talk with customers, I must admit that it is a brave. It opens early in the morning, kind to 7:00 and closes very late at night, around 10:00 p.m.. Mr. Hat. Of course it is not continuous, it is absent from story time to do some shopping, or to give us the mail, all those little things … Just now it was dark outside, his garage was lit in white neon. And in a corner, a poor small TV purring, I was right to Dominicy affair between two car tires.

He went to the bike, the front wheel disassembled, defeated the tire to exit the chamber air, and has swollen. I wondered why he swelled when she was tired, but I did not ask, the answer was to follow itself. Indeed, he headed a large container filled with water and has plunged the rubber. He spotted where it bubbled and the thing stood. He stuck a small puck over, everything went up and said, “You can roll!”

There is also a computer keyboard in his garage. It has not been used for at least five years: it is covered with dust, hardly it was possible to read the letters. So I asked him what he did it, he replied: “Oh that’s a representative who passed on to me a few years ago … But I not use it, I know anything about these brothels there, me. ” And then he added with a smile (smiling very little): “Worse is not with how we repair a tire!” It is not wrong …

I then followed in the small dugout that serves as office. Everything is scrap there, the office, the cabinet seats. And if it’s a mess in his garage, what about the dugout! There is no longer the cave of Ali Baba, it’s downright Beirut. Papers everywhere, absolutely everywhere. Sitting down he said sharply, “So!” as if to encourage. Then he told me: “If you could pay cash that suit me.” No problem, that’s what I planned to do. I gave him five euros and the case was settled. There I pointed out to him that suddenly, a computer might be useful to him in the office. He made “Yes, that’s right. I’ll see that.” I told him he was being decided, I could give him advice for the purchase, he said yeah.

I also asked him if by chance he could keep my dog ‚Äč‚Äčtime to time, when I go to college. He said okay, provided it does not “foute mess.” I replied that there was no better high Adonis. Then I left, it was 10:00 p.m., and the mechanic has closed up shop at the same time.

So here I am with a bike. A small bicycle with pedals and everything. I recall my first time on this kind of gear. My parents had given me a small red once for Christmas. With wheels, of course, it’s easier. I succumbed quickly to the call of the handlebar, and soon I known a whole lot about the art of pedaling. Then one morning my father told me proudly: “Today, we will remove the wheels of your bike!” I was proud! Do you think I was going to bike and old. I see him as if it were yesterday, my father putting the bicycle on the kitchen table and removing the wheels with his screwdriver. Then he instructed my big sister to teach me to ride. It patiently taught me how to take momentum and gain the necessary speed to not switch from one side or the other. Later, I could make my first straight line. I was driving, I was happy! And quick ! But in front there was a wall … My sister cried: “But thus slows Slows!!!!
_Mais How brakes! ! ? ”
Boom! I paid my wall … Nothing serious, at that age you do not stop for so little … I will test my bike tomorrow. It’s been a couple of years that I have not. But I think it’s like riding a bike, it is not forgotten!


Sonia Peters lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her husband and two dogs. Their favourite thing to do is go skating on the rink by the Saskatchewan River.